Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

full on party mode


The big day is approaching, and I’m really getting excited. Family is coming in for the weekend, and the to-do lists are getting knocked off each night. (At a pretty late hour, but that’s okay. I’ll nap on Sunday!)

I’ll have some better pictures after the party, so you’ll have to forgive the late night kitchen lighting here. But I loved how the 6’s and 12’s turned out. You can’t really see it in the photo, but last night I brushed the tops with luster dust, and now they have a glittery shine to them. And so does everything else in my kitchen.

2015-07-23_1437623243 2015-07-21_1437454473

I have the girls’ names and numbers spelled out in cookies on sticks and I plan to use them in this old party favorite. M made this giant flower box for Ella’s second birthday, when we “planted” it with chocolate cupcakes covered in oreo dirt and stuck big flower cookie lollipops in them. It used to be a pale green (you can see also see it in these photos from F’s third birthday), but now it’s all glammed up in gold.


I found an old photo of the original! 

flower box

So I’m signing off for a few days as we celebrate my two favorite girls with family and friends. I can’t wait!