Daily Archives: July 29, 2015

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 1

We’ve reached the hot, muggy mornings of summer, but there was a nice breeze as we walked. It was good to be back in this place without the crowds. Gorgeous pinks in abundance today.

Garden 3 Garden Garden 6 Garden 5

F was pretty worn down after the weekend, and was home sick for a few days. She’s much better now – a little tired – but up for the walk. On the way back to camp, we pulled into the new Starbucks near our house since I skipped the hot coffee on our garden walk. When we got up to the window we found out that our order had been paid for by the car in front of us. The girls were so excited by this idea that they yelled “Buy the coffee behind us!” So we did. Then they watched in the mirrors as the woman behind us extended her card and then took it back again. Everyone was smiling the rest of the drive.

Garden 4 Garden 2

Happy Wednesday – we’re on the downward slide to the weekend!

P.S. At one point, while photographing some flowers, F pleaded with me “C’mon Mom, stop being so interested in things.”