Daily Archives: August 5, 2015

holding tight to summer


This past weekend was just a beautiful weekend – it was hot, of course, but it’s also the start of August and it’s supposed to be that way. But the temperatures have been dipping a little bit lower at night, which means the evenings and early morning hours have been delightful. I worked late Friday, and then went for a run just before the sun set. Forest Park was bustling with activity – it made for some great people watching on the paths. M and the girls met some friends for dinner, and then the four of us met up at the Compton Heights Water Tower for some full moon viewing action. ┬áThe tower opens for climbing whenever the moon is full, and for a nominal fee you can put your name in and then wait for a turn to climb the 198 steps inside to the top.

I have limited photography skills, and they are even more limited at night, but I did get a few grainy shots from the evening.

Tower 3Tower 2

We didn’t get the girls to bed until almost eleven, so I let them sleep in on Saturday morning while I headed off to my yoga class. When I returned, they were ready for the day.


Since M’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year (yesterday), we decided to celebrate over the weekend by doing things we don’t always do on a typical weekend. We went to lunch, spent the afternoon at the waterpark, went to dinner and then went to a movie – it felt like a mini-vacation, out of the house, no errands or chores to do. We thought we might try to find some cake or ice cream somewhere, but by the time the movie was over we were spent.

(Side note: F’s had that snorkel set for a few years now and uses it in the tub occasionally. We had no idea how good she had gotten at it (or swimming) until she motored off for five minutes (or longer) at a time, swimming laps without surfacing. I finally had to ask her occasionally signal that she was still alive with a thumbs up. She pointed out that her breaststroke should be hint enough.)

Sunday morning we continued the party by eating breakfast outside – it was still really comfortable for it until the last ten minutes or so when the sun was up just enough to hit us, but not high enough for the umbrella to be effective. Then we walked through the garden together for an hour until that got a little warm too.

The afternoon was filled with errands and chores again because they never really take a holiday. But the break from our normal routine really felt like summer, and I’m trying to hold onto to this season just a little bit longer.