Daily Archives: August 26, 2015

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 26

This was our first school morning venture to the garden since spring. Our time is a little compressed this year because E’s school has a later start, but only by a few minutes. We managed to make a nice leisurely loop without being too rushed in the end.

Garden 25 Garden 22

I realized that I haven’t posted anything since my¬†last garden walk – I should get on that. I’ve been in a bit of a lull, I guess. What do I do with these days? Home, work, cook, exercise, read, play, repeat. My draft posts folder is laughing at me. Topics I’ve started and not finished: the addition progress, sectionals, first day of school photos, Homer’s Odyssey, prosciutto wrapped figs, blue paint, thoughts on fifteen years of marriage. And someone asked me if I ever make frozen pizza for dinner. I’m sure there are some words on that too.

Instead, I have flowers.

Garden 23 Garden 24

F ate breakfast before we left, brought a banana for the commute, and then downed a slice of banana bread from the cafe before declaring that she was starving on the way back to school. I can’t keep my children in clothes. (Or shoes.) It’s killing me. E was only two inches behind me in July. I measured her on Saturday and it’s an inch and a half. She’s closing in.

We’re picking up a bin of hand me down’s in a few weeks for F, but last weekend I bought her a couple of transitional tops to go with her legging collection. She rarely gets to shop for clothes, or try on¬†anything in a store, so this was a special treat. I wanted to take her photo next to these gorgeous plants, but she hopped up onto the fountain and posed like it was her job. So it was a quiet morning for a walk, with a fair sprinkling of sass that she always brings along.

Garden 21

Happy Wednesday. Man, it’s a pretty one here.