Daily Archives: December 12, 2015

what do 12 year olds want for christmas?

This is the burning question in our house. At first I was frustrated and slightly stressed out, but now I think I’m kind of grateful. Why? Because the top item on my 12 year old’s wish list for the holidays is not some expensive tech gadget or trendy article of clothing or whatever it is that tweens / teens want today. The top item on her list this year is this t-shirt:


She’s actually getting several really funny t-shirts for Christmas, but I also wanted to get her a big present for under the tree. You might remember that we updated her room for her tenth birthday, but one of the things that we kept from her nursery days was her rug. It’s now showing its age – it’s faded and unraveling in places, and it bugs me whenever I walk into her room. So I thought maybe a rug update might make the room feel a little brighter and more interesting.

I wanted something that compliments everything else going on in the room without overwhelming it. But I also want it to look fun, like something a teenager would pick out, which meant I needed to curb my urge to go subtle.

image1 (1)

I ordered eight sample tiles of varying patterns and colors from Flor, and M and I settled on this Like Minded pattern, colorway: Pink. Pink is a little misleading – it actually picks up on the blues, greens and reds in her room really well, and the background color is neutral. Fingers crossed it looks good but not overwhelming with the quilt on her bed. I ordered it through work with a nice trade discount, yeah!


We’ll let her play around with the configuration of the tiles – she can 1/4 turn them like in the image above, or run them the same direction if she wants. And it’s easy enough to change them if she changes her mind.

After the holidays I’ll post photos of the rug in her room. And maybe I’ll get a picture of her in the shot – you know, wearing her treasured grandma shirt.


P.S. F’s wish list is another classic – she’d like ruffly dresses, high-heeled flip-flops, and a small swimming pool installed in her bedroom, thank you.