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Cookie 1

Now that E is in middle school – with nine different teachers – it gets a little bit trickier to give out holiday gifts. I really think it’s important to do special things for teachers all year long, but especially at the close of each semester. Coming from a family full of teachers, I know firsthand the long hours and commitment that teachers put into everything – and I also know how much of their own money they spend on their classrooms and their students.

The sixth grade teacher gifts were so well received last year, that we did something very similar this year. We purchased modest spending cards from Target – I don’t like to assume that someone drinks coffee or eats at a certain restaurant, so Target seems like a pretty safe choice. And for something a little more personal, E and I made these snowflake cookies to share.

She passed out half of them yesterday to her “A” day classes, and has the second half today on her last day of school. She said her teachers were so thrilled yesterday, which made me feel good. And it can be tough to purchase or make something for so many people, but even a small gift like this is worth the effort. I can’t tell our girls’ teachers enough just how much they mean to us.

And in other baking news…

Cookies 2
E’s girl scout troop broke into small groups at various kitchens and baked cookies to decorate holiday baskets given out to families through a local charity. The girls got a quick lesson in various icing techniques and ran with it. They did an awesome job.

Cookies 5 Cookies 4

And F decided that snowflakes weren’t exciting enough for her teachers – she requested gingerbread men made to look like Flat Stanley – a great idea for first grade teachers, right?

Cookies 3

Stanley 2

Hope your holiday prep is going well. I’m not complaining about living in a house with the constant smell of gingerbread!