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handmade tub ledge

We received (and also gave) some of my favorite gifts ever this Christmas. But hands down, my favorite gift was this surprise one:

Homemade Tub Ledge

It’s really not a surprise that I’ve been wanting some sort of tub ledge for awhile, but other than mentioning it in an offhand way – along with all the other items we’re slowly purchasing for the bathroom makeover – it wasn’t really on my radar at all. M spent a few afternoons in the basement working on another gift project for E, and he always brought up photos of the progress on that piece, so I never thought to go downstairs to see what he was doing. (I’ll post some photos of that project after we hang it this weekend.) He kept mentioning that her gift was more complicated to assemble than he thought it might be – but he was really masking the fact that he was working on two things at once.

I love the way it turned out. Some of the tub ledges I’ve seen are really complicated, with book stands and cup holders and slide out ledges and gadgets. I love the simplicity of this. I really just wanted a place to put a magazine and the occasional glass of wine so that I don’t have to lean over the edge of the tub all the way to the floor repeatedly. (Our tub sits on claw feet, plus it’s a slipper tub, so it’s extra deep – reaching the floor is no easy task.) I’m a morning shower person, but most nights I also unwind with a soak. It warms me up in the winter, and cools me off in the summer. I don’t usually read books in the tub, but it’s where I go to catch up on magazines or flip through catalogs. And now it’s even more enjoyable.

Homemade Tub Ledge_magazine

When we eventually decide on the style and spacing of the pegs in this room, I’d love to add a hole or some type of hanger to this so that I can hang it up when not in use. It’s going to look pretty sweet in there – even in our crazy, half-finished space with a patchwork quilt of sample blues all over the walls – the tub is still my favorite sanctuary.

image1 (22)

(M- I’ve told you a dozen times already – but thanks again for making such a sweet surprise. xo)