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It’s Friday evening, and I’m calling this work week officially done. I’ve been working on the (almost) final draft of a project that sort of feels like I’m writing a thesis. In general, I like to write – and I’m pretty quick about it most days. But sometimes in the office it’s hard to really hunker down and tune everything else out, so I’ve really had to push myself this week. I just sent the update along to the client, and now I’m heading into a (much needed) long weekend ahead. Here are a few thoughts on writing this week:

I realized last weekend that I was out of thank you notes, so I decided to order some photo cards from Artifact Uprising. I like their paper, and their site is really easy to use, plus you can just access your Instagram feed directly and I was looking for a casual feel (as opposed to the more polished, professional holiday cards). I thought I’d grab a festive holiday shot, but I wasn’t as inspired by the holly jolly anymore – maybe because my house is still overrun with holiday decorations in various stages of disassembly – so I kept searching backwards in my feed. And there was “Stubborn / Grumpy Panda”, and I dropped it in and sent my order along. It’s sort of weird, but I kind of love it too – especially with the big, bold THANKS – exclamation point !!! It makes me smile, so hopefully it will make others giggle too.

So I’m also writing thank you notes.

M and I used a shared Google spreadsheet this past holiday to organize and divide and conquer our gift giving list. It was his idea, but I latched onto it pretty quickly. I instituted a color scheme, and I highlighted items in process ‘yellow’ (ordered, ingredients purchased, project being made)  and items done ‘green’ (delivered, completed, wrapped and ready). We had a side column that kept our to-do lists organized for how we were getting everything done, and it make tracking the status of various items a lot easier. Plus, it was a good double check when we were packing – we did leave town one year with all the wrapped gifts but none of the Santa gifts that were hidden away – that was a complete bummer. The system worked so well that I decided to start a new one with house projects. I’m kind of craving a long list that slowly turns green over time. Check, check, done. I need a little more ‘done’ in my life right now.

So I’m also writing elaborate to-do lists.

When my blog was down and lost for several days, I had a million ideas for posts I wanted to write. Now it has returned, and I’m too tired in the evenings to write anything. Maybe I need to make another spreadsheet for blog ideas, and then mark them off, one by one, with colored cells. January requires a whole new level of motivation, particularly on a cool, damp Friday night.

So now I’ve written this post as well.

Onto the weekend – I hope you have a nice one!

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  1. We are trying smartsheet for lists and projects! Glad you came through the hack ok!

  2. I had to scroll back up through the photos to figure out what to-be-done project you are talking about. Looking forward that the one! Those bedrooms are almost as beautiful as their inhabitants. Now, I’m going to find that warm bean salad recipe, which is why I’m here right now!

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