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The great January clean-out is continuing in our house. I’m on my second trunk load of donations, and the resulting space to breathe is really quite nice. We’re on the second floor currently, and I’m skipping over the master bedroom briefly to update you on the bathroom. This is where we left off last time:

MBath_Wainscoting Previous

I tried out a couple of wainscoting layouts and was pretty happy with this one. But then the great peg quest began, and now that we’ve found a peg that we really like, I’ve further refined the wainscoting design.

That beech peg was really expensive – and hard to find. But I got a quote from a shop in the UK (closer to the source), and outside of a slightly larger shipping fee and longer wait, the price for the actual pegs is less than half the cost of purchasing them in the states. This is good, because my attempts to have similar ones made here were actually turning out to be more expensive.

The pegs are chunkier, and we’re thinking of leaving them in their natural state, not painting them. All of a sudden the wainscoting idea above (click on it to look closer) looked really heavy to me, plus we needed well over forty pegs which was going to be visual overload. I spent a few hours last night tinkering with a simpler design and I really love the way it’s looking.

MBath_Wainscoting Final

The uprights are much thinner, and we’re using far less pegs, but we still have them where we really need them for towels and other items we use on a daily basis.


This is a little closer to the proportions in one of my inspiration photos for this project – this modern take on the Shaker peg rail.



We ordered the Artemide lamps with some Christmas money we received – they should be in early next week. Last night we talked mirrors as well – the mirror we currently have is really pretty but way too small to accommodate the 12″ difference in our heights. We both really like this mirror from Restoration Hardware which comes in a ton of sizes:


but we really think we’ll like a pivoting mirror in the space better. I think it will look better with the wainscoting – floating off the wall a bit, and it’s also really practical for angling a mirror exactly where you want it to be. So we’re still not 100% sure of the exact mirror, but there are some simple options out there that might work, including this RH one below.



We’re making some progress now! We’re going to install the two sample pegs we have and use them for a few days to make sure we like them. Meanwhile, I’m getting a final quote on the shipping cost for thirty of them. I think we’ve got a good blue color we like, and I’m looking forward to losing the indigo patchwork quilt look we’ve got going on in there. Progress in the bath! Progress in the bath!

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  1. A great example of how you took some time and focused last night! Way to follow-up a confession with an example of moving towards a solution! You can do hard things… (I didn’t want to have all exclamation points – but I wanted to be encouraging…) HA!

  2. I love the idea of all the pegs! Bet you guys are thrilled to see it coming together!

  3. i don’t know how you are going to make the mirror choice because I love the RH ones SO much but agree on the pivot. It took me months to find our bathroom mirror, it’s so hard.
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