admiring: hanging bathroom storage and a couple of requests

Continuing the conversation about the master bathroom – I thought I’d check in with you guys on two things. First: Currently, to the left of our sink, we have a small glass shelf that holds a few items – a toothbrush holder, a canister with q-tips, and the occasional water glass. We’re not planning on reinstalling it once the wainscoting is done in the room. Instead, I’m hoping to make use of those new pegs by suspending some of our storage needs.

Once the room is complete, I plan to use the top of the new wardrobe in the room to hold a few more things. I’ll probably put a tray on the top to protect it, and we can always set a glass there if needed. We have a small clock on the dresser, and the q-tips could go in a pretty container, or even just in the drawers along with our other toiletries. But I think it would be handy to still have our toothbrushes next to the sink. I’m thinking that we could use a pretty hanging ceramic piece to do that job. I’ve seen so many lovely ones that hold plants, but there’s no reason they can’t hold small bathroom items instead.


I’ve found several that I love, and might just order one of them. But I was wondering if any of you local friends have seen something similar around town, or if you know of anyone around here making items like this? I’m going to stop into R. Ege Antiques in the neighborhood this weekend just to see what he has. (Have you ever been? This place is fantastic, and he has the best storefront display every month. Check the hours, I think he’s only open 3-4 days a week.) I’ll probably check in the shop at the garden as well, they may have something that will work. Bowood Farms might too. My days are just so full now, I rarely take the time to browse in shops anymore. But I know you guys have great taste, so let me know if you’ve got any leads.

(Of course, there’s always the danger that once we have a lovely hanging toothbrush holder, our free Oral-B’s from the dentist are going to look really sad. Then I’ll have to find some hand carved wooden toothbrushes!)

And if not, several of the planters in the photos above are made and sold in Brooklyn, and we’re moving into this brownstone there in a few weeks…


…well, technically just for a week, but I’m up for pretending this place is ours during that time! So, my second request in this post is for off-the-radar spots you’d recommend in NYC. We’re taking the girls for the first time, and they have a short list of big sites they want to see – E: Natural History Museum and the Highline, F: Guggenheim and the Statue of Liberty. We’re hoping to really explore some of the parks and gardens, and we also want to eat well! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

So that’s two requests in one post, I hope you don’t mind.

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  1. Brooklyn! Fun!! Brooklyn Limestone has a great guide on her blog-

  2. Enjoy Brooklyn! We lived there before we moved to the ‘burbs to have kids! Where are you staying? We lived in Park Slope, so if that’s the neighborhood you’re in, I could send some recommendations. Some of our favorite restaurants are still around, even though we’ve been gone 10 years – truly stood the test of time!

    • We’ll be in Bay Ridge, but we can go anywhere. I went a few years ago with my MIL and SIL and we spent some time in Park Slope, and had some great meals. I’d love some suggestions. It will be the four of us, then M’s parents are joining us for the weekend.

  3. Have you gone to NYC yet? We are going in March. I haven’t been before. I would love to hear what F liked the most. We are staying by Central Park.

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  5. HOW AMAZING!! Can I come too?? The Highline is so beautiful, we spent a whole morning walking there and sipping coffee. I recommend you head to the Spotted Pig for dinner one night then across the street to Magnolia Bakery…yum! Also, Eataly. It’s incredible. Momofuku is totally bomb ramen, or there’s their bakery, Milk Bar. I totally see you going there.

    I’m SO jealous, I have NYC craving right now and it seems like everyone I know is going there. Have fun!
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