testing, testing, one, two, three

I published a post last night, an update on the addition project, but this morning it’s vanished, along with some conversations in the comments. I’m hoping it can be tracked down, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s been a tough few weeks with my web host, and I’ve tried to be pretty chill about it. It is annoying to lose work that you’ve done, even when that work isn’t all that significant. (I’m using this post as a bit of test here.) If I lost the file I’m cranking on at work this week I’d be devastated. A few hundred words on a blog post is no big deal. Trying to go into the weekend with a little perspective.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm here, and there’s a running trail calling my name…

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  1. Living room chair looks really good, not sure if we had seen the final product! The 60 degree weather this weekend will be a nice change from the 18 inches of snow last weekend (winter in Richmond).

    • Thanks! Maybe I didn’t do a post on those chairs. Hmmm, sometimes I post a photo on Instagram and think I’ve covered it. I’ll get some better pictures of the living room as I continue my cleaning / purging / photographing of the current state of the union. I mean house.

      I’m aiming for a good set of befores in the house this month, including some updated photos of the exterior of the house, so I have a set before the next phase of construction begins.

      60 degrees sounds heavenly!

    • I looked – and found it. It’s been awhile, but the pictures are here:


      • Thanks! I am just glad I hadn’t commented on the earlier post and totally forgotten about it!

        • And if you had… well, we’d be in the same boat. I’m to the point where I have to check and double check to make sure that when I “thought” about doing something, I actually “did” do it. (Or didn’t do it.)

  2. Here is the beginning of your missing post! I keep up with my blogs using Feedly, which apparently caches preview material for new posts. That’s all I can help with though. I haven’t read the rest . . . yet. Fingers crossed for you.

    “Did you forget where we left off? It was here. Did you forget what we were even talking about? It’s all here. Joking and sarcasm aside, I’ve promised myself to keep this post short. I’ve actually promised myself quite a … Continue reading →”

    • Yeah, it posted everywhere, even twitter, but sometime around 2:30 I lost about ten hours worth of posting and comments. I put in a ticket for service, but things have been so rough lately I’m not holding my breath.

      Thanks for the starter lines though – If I can’t retrieve it tomorrow, I’ll just rewrite it. It’s not the end of the world, but sort of annoying.

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