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The weather is fantastic here today. I’m more than a little bit work weary, but getting strangely energized for the weekend ahead. I think it was the afternoon run I got in yesterday – finally there is just enough light to make a decent sized loop around the park before dark. Nothing compares to running outside – not just for the change of scenery, but for the change in everything. Every mile is different, the wind shifts, the smells change, the views open up or narrow in. Glorious. Spring might just return again.

I’m going to ride this wave of energy out this weekend as far as I can. I’m hoping to continue the momentum on my curtain project – although the toughest part is this final part. And I’m in full-on near-constant daydream mode on our house project. I have to focus on the garage and site plan enough to get the zoning package together (and bring the neighbors on board), but this springlike weather has me craving the days when we’ll have more light spilling into the house, and a better connection to a small, but well-planned courtyard space. Here are just a few shots from the really full folder of inspiration photos I’ve been collecting for ages.


4.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x (1)



3.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x (1)


Photo sources: One, two, and five; three; four; six.

I hope you have a great weekend – and maybe some window sash opening weather as well!

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  1. Ah inspiration. Really like the one that appears to have a hand cranked door next to a leather chair and side table. I’ve probably mentioned how I wish the back of our house didn’t feel so closed off – what I miss most about our first house is the sliding door from the dining room to the backyard.

    • Yes. Your old house was exactly like our friends’ plan, except they had a tiny window where your sliding doors were. Completely different feel. Your house felt twice as large.

  2. Woah on those inspiration photos! What you do with all of this is going to be amazing! Do you happen to have links for where you found the pics? I want to see everything about that house in the first photo.

  3. Thank you!! Those 2 houses in NYC are just insane! I absolutely love what they’ve done with the back of the Chelsea house.
    Jessica recently posted…2 for 1 Winter SaleMy Profile

  4. Love these inspiration photos! I thought of your renovation when I saw pictures of the James Beard House rear exterior – more NYC goodness.

    • Um, yeah. That garden is great.

      I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to eat my way through NYC for six days and still manage to send my children to college one day…

      Weird off topic question – did you recommend “The Fall of Princes” to me? I was writing a post last night about recent reads and I was trying to remember who recommended it to me, and when / where.

  5. That was me! Unless you hated it. My latest favorite is, “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara – similar in that the characters are very human and you find yourself loving them anyway.

    • Ha! No, I liked it. Well, like is a weird word for a guy with a pretty unlikeable character, at least as initially presented. Thanks for that rec, and the new one.

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