Daily Archives: May 4, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 3

The rains moved out just before we arrived at the garden this morning. It’s becoming a theme, although now we come prepared. I am still not back in sync after our travels this past weekend, and after April, really, if we’re being honest here. I am so behind on everything, everything – to the point of wondering if I can realistically get caught up on some of it. F is protesting the garden visit this morning as I’m rushing her through breakfast. I almost cave.

Garden 13

Garden 14

Garden 7

I can do another load of laundry if we stay, and fold the two loads on the bed right now. I can send out a half dozen overdue emails. I can write a blog post. I can start packing for our camping trip. I can finish unpacking from the last trip.

Garden 8

Garden 9

Garden 10

There are dozens of things I could do in the hour stretching before us, not the least of those things is the promise of the end of the protest and the subsequent whining. I do not give in.

Garden 11

Garden 2

Garden 12

She transforms on cue, as do I. I can only do so much, but I can do this. I can walk with my camera and my umbrella and her umbrella until we reach the irises because they are only here for a short time and the lilies are coming. Everything is purple and blue and tumbling over itself. There is a purple pinwheel flower that is emerging from tiny yellow buds that look like pale raspberries, feathery. The alliums are exploding around us, and those early roses.

Garden 20

Garden 6

Garden 5

Garden 1

Somewhere there are rows and rows of peonies, but we don’t have time to visit them. There are a million other things calling my name, and we’ve seen what we’ve come to see, and it’s perfect.

Garden 4