spring camping weekend: round spring

Camping 10

This past weekend was our bi-annual group camping trip. We try to go every spring and fall, and we rotate through some gorgeous places each time. This year we went to Round Spring Campground, located on the Current River, near Eminence, MO.

Camping 1

The weather was just perfect, sunny and warm (almost hot) during the days, and cool and comfortable in the mornings and evenings. Not too cold at night, just cool enough to feel comfortable in a tent.

Camping 2

Speaking of tents – we just purchased a new one during REI’s annual sale, and with a generous gift card from my sister and family. Our former tent was getting a little tight for the family, and had been worked hard on all those family and school camping trips. M agonized a bit on the final choice – looking for something large enough to accommodate four people (most of them TALL people), plus space for gear and friends as the girls get older. He bit the bullet and bought the big guy, and everyone teased us for our mini-mansion at the campsite. Let me tell you – it was the perfect size. And we still might add on the “garage” piece to the front of the tent at some point.

Camping 5

Camping 23

Most of our trips involve hiking and beach relaxing, and we always have a few kayaks to tool around in. This year we decided to go on a float trip, and we rented canoes and kayaks for the whole crew. (That’s all of us, photo taken by the guy with the school bus and boats that picked us up.) We drove up to Pulltite and got in the water there, and then floated back down to our campsite – just under ten miles according to the map.

Camping 24

I didn’t take my nice camera (or phone) on the river, so I don’t have any photos of that portion of our trip, but a friend snapped this photo of M, F, and I in our canoe from a distance. E took a friend, and together they manned a two-person canoe for the entire trip. No small feat for their first time. E got the hang of it quickly, and they only got stuck in a tree once!

Camping 22

Camping 13

Camping 14

Camping 19

There was a lot of river swimming and playing with rocks. And a lot of screaming when this giant water mocassin was spotted in the river full of children. I think we freaked him out, and he moved along to another spot.

Camping 21

The kids played a lot of kickball, spud, and ghost in the graveyard, and the parents did lot of standing around, talking, drinking, laughing, cooking… The parents did take on the kids in an epic kickball event that was a lot of fun.

IMG_2614 (2)

Camping 4

Camping 3

We always divvy up the meal planning and execution, and Saturday night’s Indian feast has become a staple. I wish I had photographed Saturday and Sunday morning’s spread – just fantastic. Sunday morning the mamas did nothing, while the men made Mountain Man for breakfast and served us hot coffee, mimosas, and Kakao chocolate while we waited.

Camping 6

Camping 12

We moved slowly on Sunday, packing up, hiking to Round Spring, setting up lunch at a nearby beach for a few more hours, before finally heading home mid-afternoon. A really nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day and rewind a bit from all the work and stress of late.

Camping 7

Camping 9

Camping 20

Dinner at Dewey’s (while the seasonal Tito Santana is around), long, long showers for everyone, and a busy washing machine before the sleepy Monday start again.

Camping 15

10 Responses to spring camping weekend: round spring

  1. This makes me think I could enjoy camping in a tent. Except for the snake picture.
    Brooke recently posted…Mother’s Day Once MoreMy Profile

  2. thirdstoryies

    You should try it! It’s fun. Especially with a group – it’s always nice to split up the tasks, and if you forget something, someone’s bound to have it. This campground actually had flush toilets – running water is a total bonus. Pit toilets take some getting used to!

  3. Looks like the perfect Mother’s Day. I think we have that tent…or an older version of it. We love it. So nice to have space to stand and move around. And it has lasted us really well.

    Your dinner looks amazing. I think I’d like camping with you. Highly recommend the book “Campfire Cuisine” by Robin Donovan for inspiration (though it doesn’t look like you need any!).

  4. Wow! Ideal trip. Happy belated Mother’s Day. Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Lauren recently posted…Dress That Mama: Ivory CottonMy Profile

    • thirdstoryies

      Thanks Lauren – I’d highly recommend this for your family. The float part was really great, and if you go early enough in the season, the river is almost empty. I’d skip it in July / August!

  5. I was looking up information about Greer Springs campground and found this website. I had to send a message to you because I was so impressed by your journaling and photography. You also make camping look glamorous!! The state of Missouri should pay you to do their advertising.

    • That’s really sweet of you to say. We have a great camping group, and try to camp in the spring and the fall. Greer Springs was a terrific campsite + the river float trip was really fun. There are some gorgeous places to camp in this state, for sure. I’ve got a bunch of camping stories on here if you search around.

  6. Excellent pics! I’m curious if you stayed in the group site areas or in the general campgrounds. If you stayed in the group area, is there a site you would recommend over others based on access to the river, toilets, etc? Thanks!

    • We always stay in the group sites. I tried to pull up their website, but didn’t have any luck. I was going to see if I could remember which site it was to direct you to it, but the site seems to be down. We had our own toilets which were pretty decent, and near the entrance to the site. There was also a nice open field (where we played kickball) at the entrance. You might give them a call and find out what’s going on with the website, and ask about the group sites.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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