wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 1

We had one goal on Wednesday morning, and that was to see the peonies. We got up a little bit earlier, and walked out the door right at seven. The peonies are in the far end of the garden, and it’s easy to get distracted on the way and run out of time before eight.

Garden 2

Garden 3

But we were successful, only stopping to marvel at that small garden beside the climatron. So many new things are blooming there, plus she loves the rocky paths that feel like an adventure.

Garden 4

Garden 14

Garden 5

Garden 6

It was a really misty morning, quiet and soft as we walked. She found new hidden paths while I stayed on the main sidewalk. She’s easy to spot in her yellow raincoat; for as independent as she is, she never likes to stray too far from my elbow.

Garden 12

Garden 17

Garden 7

Our favorite thing to do these days is to find the flowers that are frozen in mid bloom. We inspect them and marvel at how beautiful and weird this world is.

Garden 8

Garden 18

Garden 9

Garden 10

The peonies are stunning, but so is everything else this morning. Lush and verdant, and fragrant in pockets when you least expect it.

Garden 11

Garden 13

I have another full day that will stretch to ten o’clock, and I can feel it this morning. It weighs heavily on me, but the camera distracts, and the walk as well. We’ll get through it, we always do. We’ll be back this weekend, with the crowds, and it will be a different garden for awhile. Then Wednesday will roll around and it will be ours again.

Garden 20

Garden 19

Garden 16

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