Daily Archives: June 2, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 14

The busyness of the last two weeks of school kept us out of the garden, but this morning we were back. Both girls came with me, although one is better at dodging my camera than the other.

Garden 1

Garden 3

Garden 4

Such incredible colors this morning. The skies were overcast, and the sidewalks were still wet from the overnight rains. The lilies are in full bloom, and the poppies as well. Bright colors, but soft as well. Like watercolors, everywhere.

Garden 9

Garden 17

Garden 18

Garden 19

She found a lucky penny and was excited to throw it into a fountain, but none of the fountains were just the right one. She finally gave up and put it in her pocket to keep.

Garden 10

Garden 2

Garden 5

We found so many flowers in mid-bloom. Incredibly cool, especially this allium, half open. And the poppies.

Garden 6

Garden 7

Garden 8

Garden 11

Garden 13

White and feathery, with shots of bold colors. I’m in awe of gardeners with such vision and talent at painting with landscapes.

Garden 15

Garden 16

Garden 24

Garden 23

Garden 21

Garden 12

Garden 22

I like the shady, damp mornings of early summer, especially with my girls.

Garden 20