Daily Archives: June 19, 2016

father’s day in the garden

Garden 4

We’ve settled into our new summer routine, and so far it’s going pretty well. This past week was so very hot – high nineties every day, and very, very humid. We had our first show at the Muny on Tuesday night, and so I let the girls sleep in on Wednesday as late as possible. It was ninety before nine o’clock anyway, so we weren’t too sad to miss our garden walk this week.

Garden 18

Garden 10

M wanted to head over to the garden this morning before church, so we woke the girls up and headed out. It was warm, but nicer than it’s been for awhile, with a great breeze. We walked around for about an hour, which is just the right amount of time for a visit.

Garden 8

Garden 7

Garden 1

Garden 19

Everything has changed so much. There are still interesting allium varieties everywhere, but the lilies have exploded into seas of color throughout. I’m not a huge lily fan, but I always question that statement around this time of year. The varieties and colors are stunning, and in the early hours the light hits them just right, and the whole place just glows. Even the orange ones in our backyard are amazing.

Garden 20

Garden 28

Garden 26

We walked through so much green and white and light – it’s like the rest of the garden knew it was the lilies’ turn and let them be the show.

Garden 2

Garden 3

Garden 11

Garden 9

Garden 17

There were a few hints at heat loving tropical plants – the kind of flowers that get me excited for far flung beach days to come.

Garden 5

Garden 6

Garden 12

And then the landscape turns yellow and orange and salmon and russet and golden. Lilies taller than the tallest dad in the garden (ours), held up with bamboo and twine.

Garden 21

Garden 27

Garden 25

They are renovating our retirement home in the center of the garden – did I mention that M and I will live there one day? I’m sure they won’t mind. The copper was shiny and bright.

Garden 15

Garden 22

Garden 13

There’s a spot where you stop and look across the lilies and the sun hits the white stone beyond, and it’s so pretty and peaceful and you are a million miles away from all the errands and tasks you need to get to later today. After the swimming and the custard and the presents and the sunny summer day together.

Garden 23

Garden 24

Happy Father’s Day to you all, I hope it was a good one. We got so lucky in our family with such great ones.