Daily Archives: June 22, 2016

(thoughts on a) wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 11

It’s just after ten p.m. on Wednesday evening, and M and I are sitting in the back room catching up on a few things and just catching up.

Garden 15

I was looking through my photos from our garden visit this morning, and we’ve been laughing at all the bunny shots in the bunch. Many of them are blurry – because the bunny hopped through a good portion of the garden, but I caught a few of the quieter moments.

Garden 4

Garden 16

F’s been wearing “costumes” all week to camp – she’s always really into accessorizing, and this week’s theme is her animal mask collection. She’s turning her t-shirts inside out so that they are solid colors that match her masks. It’s a great look, and makes me laugh each morning.

Garden 7

Garden 8

We got caught in a brief shower this morning – very brief, maybe five minutes tops. It did very little for the heat or humidity issues of late. Today was so hot, and with a few schedule switch-ups this week, I knew today was a run day – like it or not. I did it, and made it home in time to find a lovely dinner on the table, and then I headed back out to power yoga. This isn’t my normal schedule, (and it sounds indulgent), but it’s just the way this Wednesday shaped up. Now that I’m on the flip side of it, it feels good. Good that we made the effort to get up a little earlier and spend some time together in the garden, good that I pushed through the heat and even set a PR for a 5.5 mile run (I did stop my watch for frequent water fountain breaks, which I don’t usually bother with). And then – for the first time ever – I went up into a forearm handstand and a tripod handstand in class tonight, despite being more than a little wiped out.

Garden 6

Garden 1

I don’t aim for these kind of super charged days; in fact, I try for the opposite. But each week is different, and we’ve gotten really good at adjusting things with the end goal of balance, while not letting go of those things that make us healthy and happy and sane. I thought about this a lot while I was running today. I started to wonder who this person was – I was the absolute hands-down queen of making excuses not to do hard things – especially hard physical things. And now I just do them, and doing them when it’s hard and sweaty and smelly and rough feels that much better when I’m done.

Garden 9

Garden 13

Garden 14

F likes to complain on Wednesday mornings when I wake her up. She sees the camera on the stairs and she remembers it’s garden morning, and she throws down her litany of complaints. I used to ignore them, but now I do something different. I say “The garden is important to me, and I love the way I feel after I’ve walked through it. It’s not the easiest path to get there, but it’s worth it.” I’m not sure what she takes away from these weekly discussions, but I hope that it’s this: There are things in life that are worth the effort. They aren’t always the easiest things to start, but we are lucky that we get the chance to see them through, and benefit from the gift of an open running trail, a yoga mat, a good dinner, a project finished, a creative day at work, a fascinating read, mastering a new song, deepening a relationship, the peacefulness of a beautiful garden.

Garden 12

Garden 10

Garden 5

Garden 3

The girls transform once we arrive. We have so many things to talk about. We launch into our days refreshed, connected. It’s worth it.

Garden 2