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project addition: gettin’ legit


Progress is moving along on the construction documents for the addition project. Carving out the time to work on them continues to be a challenge, but we’ve made good progress lately. I really, really want to post updates here but I have a mental block about doing it. Carving out the thinking (and doing) space for this is hard enough; when I start to write about the project here I end up telling myself to shut up and get back to work. I promise a gloriously detailed update once the drawings are in someone else’s hands for a bit – probably when they are out for pricing. I’ll need to write to blow off some nervous energy.

There are so many decisions to be made on this project. It makes me a little nervous, even though we both do this kind of work for a living. I’m doing my best to trust in the process so that I can push forward on things. It’s starting to feel more real now, and that’s helping me keep the energy level up.

On the docket for this week and next:

1. Drawings are going out to the structural engineer for input on the seriously large openings we’re making into a masonry bearing wall. That sounds inexpensive.

2. Meeting with the contractor to go over the current drawings and discuss possible timeline for the construction.

3. Discussion on HVAC options for the addition + relocation of existing condensers and possible replacement of old equipment.

Coming soon:

1. Zoning Packing Submittal (Hopefully this next week, fingers crossed that we get our neighbors’ support.)

2. Coordination of key items with product reps (like the Nana Wall system).

3. Completion of construction documents for pricing and permits.

4. Four billion decisions / drawings on cabinets, finishes, appliances, etc.

5. An update post(s) with visual aids!

celebrating seven

Party 4

In our family, we typically throw big birthday bashes in the early years. For both girls we did them for the first six years before scaling back to small scale older parties. Last year was a special year because the girls were six and twelve (half and double), plus it was E’s golden birthday (12 on the 12th), so we did a big combo party. But once seven rolls around we let the girls choose a few friends and plan out their own special day.

Party 2

F chose a pretty perfect afternoon, if you ask me. We met up with friends and saw the movie Finding Dory at the Chase (one of my favorite theaters). Then we walked a few blocks to Jeni’s for ice cream before spending a half hour or more browsing the shelves of Left Bank Books.

Party 3

It was a perfect afternoon, and the girls promptly fell asleep in the car on the way home.

The weekend before was the great grandparent hand-off – we met them in the middle of nowhere Indiana, and opened some family gifts with them on the porch of a restaurant there. F got quite a few new books, some cute fall outfits, some legos, some Harry Potter figurines and checkers set. Plus that pogo stick I mentioned before! She also got the item top on her list this year – a travel neck pillow (in blue, of course). She’s wanted one since she first saw them in an airport gift shop years ago, but this year she was particularly enamored with them.

Party 7

Party 6

Party 5

Party 8

Party 9

I’m calling birthday week a success!

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 3

As I mentioned before, I’ve been taking advantage of my “free” mornings to get up and outdoors before the temperatures climb. It’s still ridiculously humid here this week, so it’s no less sweaty in the morning. But there’s a different feeling in the air as night slips away versus the heavy, stagnant air that’s hanging around the six o’clock afternoon hour when I’m typically running.

Garden 4

Garden 5

Garden 2

I debated about Wednesday morning’s agenda – wondering if I should stick to my daily running schedule, or skip a running day and visit the garden. Then I remembered I could do both! What a week! I still haven’t completely gotten used to it. During the school year I get up before six and somehow three hours go by before I ever sit down at my desk to work – all the tasks related to getting three people up and ready and fed and out the door to two different schools eats up so much time.

Garden 1

Garden 6

Garden 8

On Wednesday I woke up with M (he gets up super early each day), and then I ran six miles in the park and drove straight to the garden for their early morning walking hours that start at seven. I felt a little self-conscious at first in my sweaty (seriously dripping) running clothes + nice camera(!), but then I got over it. Everyone else was sweaty too – it’s just that sort of week.

Garden 7

Garden 9

Garden 13

The garden was just teeming with wildlife and buzzing with bees everywhere. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there on my own, and I got to set my own pace for a change. I wanted to see it all.

Garden 12

Garden 11

Garden 10

Fruits and vegetables are loaded up on stem and stalk, and the planting beds are so vibrant with the very brightest colors everywhere.

Garden 14

Garden 15

Garden 16

Garden 20

The color combinations in the beds have been some of my favorites this year. I saw flowers in bloom here that I recently saw in the more tropical environs of our vacation residence. Hot colors, heat everywhere. The greens are cooling though, and the shade is welcome and everywhere. I followed it back to the entrance, reluctantly. Back to a shower, and some breakfast, and the start of my other day, four hours after waking.

Garden 19

Garden 18

Garden 17

There’s a different energy in my days this week, and it’s fun to try that on for a spell, with no limits. Just a camera and some time and plenty of water.

Garden 21