Daily Archives: August 1, 2016

project addition: tight schedule / all hands on deck

First things first – thank you all so much for your kind words about our master bathroom project! That room took so much thought and effort, but the end result is really thrilling, and exactly what we wanted. Thanks for cheering us on along the way!

My parents are renovating a portion of their kitchen, and I was talking to them the other day about the progress. The project is taking longer than expected, costing more than expected, and some of their custom cabinets were made incorrectly and they were in a little bit of project limbo. My mom told me “I don’t know how you and M do what you do on your house!” She was really referring to the added stress and strain that comes along with any major (or even minor) disruption to the place where you live. The mess gets old.

Some days I don’t know how we do it, and in the beginning of this addition design process there were lots of annoying parts. It is not easy to take on this kind of project on top of working all the time, raising children, staying active in our various communities, staying healthy, and finding downtime in there somewhere. (Downtime’s a bit of a joke.) I wish this was a simple task – that we could make a few notes on a piece of paper and hand it to a contractor to run with it. It’s not. Every piece of it is complicated, and every decision made impacts another aspect of the project. This is not all cabinet design and backsplash glory and light fixture shopping. (We’ve done zero of that to this point.) This is the nitty gritty work of dozens of wall sections and details that need to be worked out before the first shovel hits the dirt.

But… it’s going to hit the dirt. And that’s exciting. More than exciting.

We met with our contractor last Friday morning, and he’s excited as well. It’s giving us much needed energy to get through these next few weeks. We’ve been picturing this project for a couple of years now; it’s pretty fantastic when someone else starts to see it as well.

I feel like I’m chained to the laptop in every moment I can steal away. Yesterday I worked while F watched the recorded Hillary Clinton speech with me, and the other two were getting groceries for the week. After the speech wrapped up we were talking for a bit, until it got strangely silent, and I realized she had fallen asleep.


Napping aside – it’s all hands on deck at our house. E hangs out by my elbow and watches me work. The girls pitch in around the house, vacuuming and cleaning so that we can focus on the project at hand.

We just might do this thing.

This fall.