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I keep trying to push real decisions on appliances to the back burner (bad pun, sorry), but I know that we don’t really have the luxury of doing that. At some point we’re going to have to really consider our options and make a selection, because those choices will affect lots of things – power and gas locations, venting requirements, cabinet layout…budget.

I have simple range specs: I want two oven options of some sort and configuration. At least one should be electric and hold my rimmed baking sheets. We don’t have room for wall ovens, and I want to keep things as simple as possible, so I’d love for all of our cooking needs to be met by a single range. I want six burners, minimum, and the ability to have a griddle / grill / high BTU burner. I want a work horse, and I want it to look beautiful in the kitchen. Our kitchen footprint isn’t growing very much, although it’s going to function in a very different way. If we had an enormous show kitchen that you could walk into and see this gleaming professional range and hood and ooh and ahh over it, I think the decision might be a little bit easier. But it’s going to be a very simple galley kitchen, and I want a big range that is a bit diminutive in demeanor. I’d love a white one, with shiny stainless at a minimum. Something that will look amazing next to beautiful wood cabinets.

Once you are carried over that threshold from a standard 30″ range like we have now, the decision seems as complicated as finding the perfect person to marry and settle down with and start a family. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe you just know from the start. I think I might be there.

local-milk-beth-kirby-lacanche-stove-1024x996Photo Source

We visited the home of someone in town that owns a Lacanche range, and it was really nice to see one in person. There are so many configuration options, so there are still a lot of decisions to make and questions to ask. But I think I’ve fallen for it. The owner described it in the same way I’ve organized my thoughts in my head – it’s simple, no computers, nothing digital, it’s just a workhorse that looks elegant while it does its job. To me it’s the perfect blend of clean lines and handcrafted detail. Kind of like I imagine my house to be, a marriage of old and new – and one that functions well for our family.

There are many other ranges to look at and try out, so I’m keeping an open mind about it. 

download gas-ranges-and-electric-rangesBluestar

Most offer white options, but so far they look monstrous in person in a showroom. I feel like they will overwhelm out modest kitchen, and that’s why I’m hesitant to choose one. But they also don’t have to ride over on a ship from France. So there’s that. Long-distance relationships can be tough. But hey, we managed one and it worked out okay. So there’s still hope…

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  1. Wow – that’s a beaut! Another option may be to put in two standard dual fuels side by side like they did in the Chris Loves Julia kitchen – then no shipping from France. Can’t wait to see this all happen!
    Cheers – CT
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    • Interesting idea. (Except that would eat up all my counter space! I’m hoping to be in the 4′ wide range.) Plus I’d have an extra crack to deal with – I’m always annoyed at how food is attracted to the teeny space between the current range and countertop. It should be interesting (gross) to pull out the appliances after 16 years of use.

  2. I think you can safely buy anything as long as you have that teapot in the first pic.

  3. Griddle pan is a must. I thought we should just go with 8 burners, because like you I like simple workhorses and thought the griddle pan was too “fancy”, but I’m glad we didn’t.

  4. I agree. I think we would use it all the time. If we go with the Lacanche, there’s a permanent griddle option, but there’s also a cast iron griddle and a cast iron grill that come with the range and fit directly over two of the burners and lock in. I also love the traditional French top option – it’s a cast iron plate that is good for simmering – you can actually put several smaller pans or dishes on it that you want to keep warm, but get them off the high heat briefly, and it has a removable center circle where you plug in a wok ring for high heat. There’s a plancha option that’s a permanent griddle that is nice too – it was on the unit we saw at the house we visited. So many decisions. Actually, the top is easier than the oven configuration to me.

    We’re also going to the Wolf / Sub-Zero showroom for some hands on demos. Beautiful stuff, for sure.

  5. How you also compared it to the La Cornue? Would love to know how that compares. Looking for white stand alone range too, and La Cornue made my list.

    • The La Cornue ranges are lovely – I’m just not as excited about the way they look . I’m really drawn to simple, clean design. La Cornue seems much fussier – lots of extra details that I’m sure is really attractive to a lot of people – just not to me. I always assumed I’d be drawn to the stainless steel professional ranges like Wolf or Viking, so I’m surprised that I love the Lacanche so much, but I do. I think the La Cornue looks like an antique, which is not really my jam. But I can’t speak to how well they perform. I know people love them, I’m just looking for a simpler, less in your face range. The Lacanche can veer that way in some of the bolder colors, but I think the white is really simple.

      BTW – there are two whites – one cool, one warm. The cool white is very cool, so I would recommend ordering actual paint chips from the company to decide. The range in the picture above is Ivory, not White.

  6. Thank you! This is so helpful, truly. I really like the La Canache too, but can’t find a showroom near me that has them. Will work to get into a bigger city so that I can compare in person.

    Thanks for your information and perspective… worried they both may be tricky to get parts or repair if needed, but so like this look compared to the stainless steel industrial options in Wolf, etc. In my smaller kitchen the color white makes a big difference in how the range feels with the rest of the room and cabinetry, etc.

    If you have time, do you have any opinions to share on Bertazonni ranges? They look like they have a similar color option and feel, but wondering if quality is similar to these French brands?

    • Lacanche has an ambassador program – if you contact them, they’ll set you up to visit someone with a range in your area. We’re nowhere near a showroom either. It was really helpful for us to talk to an owner and see one in person.

      I don’t know much about the Bertazzoni – I suspect that’s the oven a chef-neighbor has, but I haven’t had a chance to ask them yet. I just heard they had an Italian range that is orange, so that’s what I’m guessing they have.

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