Daily Archives: August 18, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 1

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had the opportunity to get here on a Wednesday morning. Yesterday was E’s first day of eighth grade, and they start school at the ungodly hour of seven, which stinks for adolescent sleep needs, but works great for garden visitors. F and I dropped her off at the door and headed over to the garden for an hour of walking and exploring.

Garden 13

Garden 14

Garden 22

We had more time, so she requested the maze. I stood in the tower and directed her with arm signals because lefts and rights didn’t cut it since she was always turning around to check in with me.

Garden 2

But she made it!

Garden 21

Garden 10

Garden 16

Garden 15

Garden 27

I don’t let her wear flip flops outside of the pool, but she does slip them on in the mornings when we drive her sister ten blocks to school and back. Somehow I missed that detail this morning, and she had them on for the garden walk. She thought it was the greatest treat – like she was on a mini-vacation – despite slipping and sliding all over the place.

Garden 26

We checked on the progress of our house, and it’s coming along nicely! What a roof!

Garden 19

Garden 17

Garden 18

The corpse flower recently bloomed, so here it is post-bloom. What an odd and fascinating plant. (And still a little smelly.)

Garden 3

Garden 4

Garden 5

Garden 8

Garden 20

Garden 24

Garden 7

Garden 9

Garden 23

Garden 25

Next Wednesday will be F’s first day of school. We’ll probably try for a quick garden walk before getting to school early for pictures and classroom time. Summer is winding down, but the garden is glorious in the morning.

Garden 12