Daily Archives: August 22, 2016

$#&^! ouch


Renovation can be dangerous for your health and safety.


I was at a Back-to-School picnic on Friday night and was talking to a friend and neighbor about the current renovation project in his home. He’s an architect, and his wife is an artist, and they have their own architectural office together. They are doing a pretty large renovation on their home – full kitchen renovation + new bathroom, and some exterior repairs. I asked him how it was going and he laughed. He said that they are the worst clients they’ve ever worked for.

Man, I know how that feels. Working for yourself – or even better – the two of us (!) is not easy. We’re never satisfied! We continually make changes! We keep terrible hours, throwing out suggestions and vetos at ungodly hours! We occasionally throw up our hands and declare that we’re


and we go to bed. The circles under my eyes might be permanent.


We still have tools and a ladder on our second floor from the bathroom renovation. This is because the last few pieces have been trickling in – the missing shower part, the toilet paper holder. We still need to give the white trim a touch up coat of paint, but it’s moved down the priority list while we work on the addition drawings. So it’s all sitting in the stair hall, waiting for a free moment in the distant future.

I came home late Saturday morning and headed up to our office to see how M was coming on the engineer’s redlines. I rounded the corner with bare feet and slammed my left foot – toes four and five – into the foot of the ladder. It hurt like my favorite line* in Hamilton – in the song that we won’t let F listen to because she loves to belt out song lyrics as she plays. 

Holy hurting, it was so painful. Three hours later it was worse, and so I went to get it x-rayed and to see if there was anything I should do outside of toughing it out. I don’t mess around with my feet. I’m obsessed with them now. I need them, and now I’ve broken a part of them. Stupid ladder – moved to that location by me.

Living in projects can be dangerous, and that’s all we know at the moment. I’m aiming for survival. Sometimes it’s touch and go.

*it’s bleeped in the stage production, but just so good! And foot injuries HURT!