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wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 6

I see that my last post was a garden one. When I noticed that, I felt sort of bad that I’ve been too busy these past few days to post anything else. But I was also sort of glad to see that – I feel like the end of summer has been a bit of a blur, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve made it to the garden for a few mornings in a row. That’s actually a good feeling.

I love your comments, and read them all. I particularly love the ones on these garden posts because they feel like “bonus” comments – that sounds weird, but a part of me really feels like these posts are more interesting to me than anyone else. It’s a funny little ritual I have, but the act of walking and documenting, and then sorting and posting those images is relaxing to me. Even scrolling through my photo folders on my computer is fun – everything is so colorful, and always changing.

It’s probably not obvious to anyone but me, but I do try to think about the composition of the photos as I place them in the post. I try to spread out colors and plant shapes, close views and long ones. But I did it differently this time – in this post the photos are all in order. We were there for about fifty minutes this morning, and it was F’s turn to choose the path. See if you can spot her in many of the photos – sometimes she’s really tiny!

Garden 7

Garden 8

Garden 1

Garden 2 Garden 3

Garden 9

Garden 10

Garden 11

Garden 12

Garden 14

Garden 16

Garden 15

Garden 13

Garden 19

Garden 5

Garden 18

Garden 17

Garden 4

I’m ending this post on a funny note – the flower above was labeled as a “balloon flower”, but F picked up this very flower at the market last fall, and they were labeled “Monkey Balls” there. She asks me every Saturday if the monkey balls are back at the market, but we haven’t spotted them there yet. But whee! Today we did, in the garden. It must be their time. We’ll have to pick up some for ourselves soon.