Daily Archives: September 3, 2016

admiring: cross extension table


I’ve long been eyeing this Cross Extension Table for the new dining room. I really love the legs on the table – how they are inset, and splay outwards. It makes for comfortable seating on the ends as well. I’ve drawn this table in our floor plan – you know, just for planning purposes.

I’m not positive we’ll land on this piece. I still want to visit and talk to the owners of Narrative Furniture just down the street from us. They custom build dining room tables to your specifications, and I attended a meeting once on one of their tables and it was gorgeous. I like the idea of working with them on a table, but I’m not sure if they do extendable pieces.

I have a few must-haves for the table. I’d love for it to be walnut and I want it to extend for larger dinner parties and seat 12 people. This Cross Extension Table holds two leaves in a felt lined tray below the table. I think we’d probably always have one leaf in – I really want a large table in the room, even if there are only four of us – but the second leaf could go in and accommodate our family and friends.

We’re also planning for built-in seating along the west wall of the addition. It will incorporate storage for cookbooks and drawer storage beneath it. It will provide us a comfortable place to sit or lounge in the space when we don’t necessarily want to sit at the table, and with the addition of a folding table and a few stools, it will double the seating capacity for the room – making it possible to have dinner for our entire family if they visit for special occasions, or a place for the kids to eat while the adults are dining at the main table. I see it as a really flexible component of the room, and something that brings a library / den feeling into a dining room. I think this room will become the heart of our home, and I’m excited for the connection to the garden outside. It’s currently gorgeous outside – the kind of weekend where we’d have the folding glass wall open all weekend, transforming the space into a breeze filled garden room for all sorts of tasks and relaxing.


My favorite dining chair of all time is the Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner. It’s such a classic piece, which is great, because I’d have to collect one at a time, over many years! It’s so comfortable to sit in, and the footprint is compact enough to not look overcrowded around a table.

Okay, back to the drawings. (Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and jump to finished products!)