wednesday morning in the garden (with a little extra sparkle)


It’s warm again here, and the sprinklers were going full force this morning at the garden. So we zigged and zagged a lot as we walked – no real plan as we meandered.



My photos moved from white to pinks to reds and greens. The lilies are glorious right now, and the roses are still prolific.




There are signs of autumn everywhere – autumn crocuses (something I’d never heard of until a few years ago), and the beginning blooms on heaping mounds of mums. I love purple mums the most, I think.




There are berries on everything, russet colors against a backdrop of green.





The sun is lower now, and still hot. Everything looks warm to me in these photos. The heat didn’t stop her from running everywhere. She was full of energy this morning; second grade is agreeing with her.



We left some admission tickets at the front desk to surprise a few guests later today. We’re all spreading a little sparkle around this week, in memory of my niece. She would have been fourteen yesterday. Walking in the garden each week has been one of my centering points in this grief walk. As difficult as it is to watch the seasons – and the milestones – go on without her, it’s also helpful to experience those changes too. I hope we brought a smile to several faces today – an extra treat beyond the joy and the gift of an afternoon stroll in this place.

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  1. my friend, a sweet and breath-catching post.

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