wednesday morning in the garden


We eat our scones in the car and then walk into the garden. She’s full of energy this morning, and climbing on everything – balancing on low walls and high walls and wagons and sheep.





I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to be standing on the sheep; I’m pretty sure she’s not the first to do it.




She picks the entrance to the children’s garden (although it’s closed this early in the morning), and then the path through the apple trees in the home demonstration garden for our walk. We walk through the low boxwood maze as well – she likes to disappear and then reappear again.




We meet up with friends, and we ask the kids to take a photo on the wagon together. F’s been climbing around and being silly, but they both get suddenly still and rather stiff in their poses. T refuses to look at the camera, no matter how much we try to catch his attention. He casts his eyes downward; pioneer life is difficult. He looks this way and that, and F stays completely still, except for her eyes. They dance like they always do, but both of them keep their hands and bodies still, like statues. It cracks us up.




Pioneer T holds my hand all the way back to the entrance, so I stop taking photos. F runs ahead at full speed while he watches her every move. We finish off our scones in the car and head to school.

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  1. Pioneer F and Pioneer T are hilarious, I thought for sure he’d looked up at one point – and I’m still happy he held your hand that entire way. Was so glad to be in the garden again.

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