Daily Archives: September 24, 2016

where is fall?


Some scenes from the garden this week. I keep thinking we’ll need to pull on a sweater in the mornings, but no such luck. We’re hot and tired and all a little bit grouchy around here. We’re in seasonal shift limbo.



I let F play around on the camera for a few shots this morning. She’s very patient and careful with it, and found some interesting things to shoot. She also wanted to do the maze again, so I agreed to watch from the tower but not direct her this time. Then she came up to join me and see the view for herself.



We’ve had one of those weeks with multi-state, multi-day travel, and every evening full to the brim. The garden has been a centering point for me on a week that’s been a bit jumbled around on the scheduling end. I’m grateful for the daylight hours still, but they are definitely waning. I’m just so tired of the heat. I’d love a few solid weeks of lovely running weather before the days are too short to enjoy it.



The fall decorations and Halloween costumes in the stores don’t interest me at all. I know it’s almost October, but I’m hoping September gives us at least a couple glorious fall days before its through. There’s still time yet. And hope.