Daily Archives: September 28, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden


Well, it arrived, and it’s lovely.


It was chilly enough this morning to put on a jacket and sweater before we headed out. I took about eight photos before my battery gave up the fight. We walked to the right this morning, past the sheep and through the newly restored prairie garden (prairie area, because we like rhymes).


Our first plan for the morning was to find signs of fall, so we liked the start of red on the trees and the still-tightly bound mums. But by the time we got the back of the demonstration gardens, we were laughing because our signs of fall were all the empty beds where the summer flowers had been removed. We walked out to the main sidewalk again, and had to decide on the rest of our route.


We decided we’d try to take the unbeaten paths as much as possible, so we wound our way through the woodland areas on the stepping stones, and played hopscotch on the pavers by the mausoleum. 


She groans and complains every Wednesday morning when I force her out of bed a few minutes earlier and rush her through the routine. When we rounded the last corner back to the entrance, she told me this morning was “the best walk ever”, and I believe her.