Daily Archives: October 11, 2016

five things

I’m currently feeling pretty overwhelmed about the next three weeks. I thought I might take five minutes to write about five things currently going on in my life, and then take a deep breath afterwards. (So I don’t go bananas.)


1. Saturday is the Foodie Feast / Beer Dinner that we participate in every fall. We had a trial run with the group the weekend before last, and everything was so good. I’m on deck for some baking. I have to make 50+ brioche slider buns. I did a trial run and they were well received, so I’m feeling pretty good about that, but it’s still four batches to manage – all that proofing and kneading. I’m also in charge of the baked portion of dessert, so I need to make a dense banana bread – one strong enough to withstand being thrown on a grill, and then topped with an oatmeal stout whipped cream and grilled, caramelized banana. I figure that’s seven loaves minimum, and I’ve got a few dozen bananas ripening in paper bags on my counter as we speak.

2. Both sets of grandparents are also arriving on Saturday because Monday morning is Grandparents Breakfast! This will be the NINTH year that we’ve had grandparents attend. What a gift that is, honestly. I got teary eyed thinking about it the other day. I think it’s because I’ve been missing my grandparents a lot lately. All these projects we’ve been working on – I know they would have enjoyed hearing about them and studying them if they were still here.

3. Excitement about the grandparents aside… I have to host the event, so there’s all that kind of organization going on. And then, Open House at the school right on the heels of the breakfast! I feel like I have list upon list upon list right now, and I’m already not getting enough sleep. (Blaming the debates and late night comedy shows to help me process the current state of politics for that.)

4. Speaking of politics – tell me you are registered to vote! If not, do it today or tomorrow – registration is closing in most states this week. And then clear your calendar for November 8th.

5. Conditional Use Hearing – coming up on the 27th. The sign is up, the agenda is in hand. I’ve been collecting some additional backup support this week, just in case. Hoping to report that it’s smooth sailing, and that November will be a big month for our project. I’ve already got my holiday card idea in mind, and hopefully I can pull it off. (And it’s related to this project, big surprise.)


Five minutes, I did it. What’s keeping you busy, or up late, this October? I miss our chats.