Daily Archives: October 13, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden


My photos of the garden this week include a few from Saturday morning as well. I was lucky to get a visit from a dear college friend over the weekend – she was in town for a job site visit on Friday, and so we were able to go out to dinner at the wine bar around the corner that evening. Saturday morning we woke up early, grabbed coffee and tea, and walked around the garden for about an hour before we headed to the farmers market to grab some breakfast and flowers.



Saturday was sunny and pleasant, and all around lovely for a mid-October day. It’s nice to see your city through someone else’s eyes – especially the eyes of another architect. She’s building her own new home in Atlanta, and I showed her the progress on our project, and promised her the next time she comes to visit she’ll get a whole suite to herself!


Wednesday was overcast, cooler, and threatening rain – but it held off until after our walk. The air was clean and crisp, and the temperatures now are really perfect. Jacket weather, not too cold.


She requested the secret paths again, but we ended up running into a friend and winding through the paths a different way. (My goal is to secretly win over everyone to these golden garden hours, one person at a time. I get very excited when I see my plan working!)




The beds are being emptied, turned over and ready for hardier plantings. I’m never sad to see this in progress – it’s like a fresh slate, and we notice the patterns and the structure of the various gardens in these interim moments.




There is still color, and green. There is brick everywhere, and it’s set off by the greens and the muted sky and light. My friend kept remarking on all the brick in this city, and it is remarkable. We forget it sometimes, living here and seeing it everyday.



That’s why it’s good to walk the same paths with new people. Or just a new season or new perspective. There is always something you haven’t seen before, and so often it’s really beautiful.