Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden


Our visit was a quick one this morning, but once again we dodged the rain that came a little later. The garden was busy – beds are being cleared and the holiday lights are being installed throughout. I had promised F that we would go back to visit the “secret paths” in the woodland garden, but they are located near the rear of the place so we had to hurry.




Still, it was a little rushed. We had a number of detours on our way to the garden – lots of construction, a delay at the coffee shop, general morning busyness. I prefer the quiet and the stillness, and the garden generally offers that. I let her roam, and she’s happy to do it. When we have to keep a close eye on the time, I feel like I’m always urging her along. I prefer to wander at will.




But we allowed ourselves enough time to get back to the entrance without rushing. We took a different route, and found some stunning chrysanthemums and dahlias on the way. When we got back into the car she expressed her disappointment that we didn’t have enough time in the woods. So we made a deal to return soon, without the press of a school bell in the back of our minds.




It was still a good start to the day, much quieter than the noise and bluster of the debate later that evening. I love an overcast garden, the cool air a relief after the heat and humidity and noise of the week.