admiring: Hamilton, in all its glory

Since the Broadway hit Hamilton is a frequent topic of conversation in our house – to the point that the seven-year-old will bust out lyrics like nobody’s business – “Hey guys, I want to be in the room where it happens!” – I thought I’d highlight a few fun things we’re considering for holiday gifts in these parts.

But first, I wanted to recommend the fantastic documentary – Hamilton’s America, the first in PBS’s Great Performances series.


It aired on PBS last Friday night, but my understanding is that it is available for streaming for four weeks, and after that point, you can still access it if you have PBS Passport (a benefit for PBS supporters, as we are). It was phenomenal. We loved watching the back story of how Miranda and his talented team worked for six years on this production, but it’s far more than just the story of how a show gets made. There are interviews with historians, politicians, artists, playwrights, musicians. Cast members visit and tour historical sites and view and touch journals and writing desks and weapons from the story. At one point near the end of the documentary, as they are discussing the inspiration behind the song “One Last Time” about George Washington stepping down from power, and the peaceful transition to a new leader, we were all pointing at the screen and shouting “This is so RELEVANT!” It’s just so much fun to deep dive into a subject in a new way, and it’s a testament to this living, breathing work of art that it’s so profoundly engaging and smart. So watch it!

This book is purchased for the little one:


I’m picking these up at the Book Fair next month for the big one:



And t-shirts, right?


I’m already excited for Christmas morning.

If you’ve got other Hamilton-inspired items, please let me know!

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  1. We went for it and bought tickets for a Chicago performance in January: huge secret Christmas surprise! It means a very small Christmas, but a very very big January! I can’t wait until the show is here in St. Louis — I wonder if we would try to go again?!? Where can I find a money tree???

  2. Anna (8) has become obsessed with Hamilton, and spent most of a play date this weekend watching YouTube videos of songs from the show. Patrick and I watched the documentary and agreed that 1) the kids need to watch it, too, and 2) we need to try for tickets when the next set are released. Then, I think, we’ll have to start checking Hamilton historical sites off our daytrip bucket list. Mostly I am still in awe of Miranda, and how he brought this out of the dry cellar of US History and made it exciting, interesting and relevant. Actually, this story was always relevant – but we have Lin-Manuel Miranda to thank for making millions of people take notice.

    Also, F will love her book – A read it in library at school and that has contributed to the current obsession.

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