Daily Archives: October 27, 2016

wednesday morning in the garden


Yesterday brought cooler temperatures, and another stunning sunrise. It’s dark when we drop off E at school these days. Her classes start so early. But the sky is waking up on our right, and we catch glimpses of the pink hued sky between the houses on each block as we drive her to school. F put up no arguments about the garden this week, a pleasant change from her typical resistance.




We picked up coffee and steamed apple cider and a couple of breakfast sandwiches to eat, and parked at the garden while we finished them up. It was light once we arrived, but still chilly. Delightful, really.





We weren’t as rushed on this morning. We were able to visit the maze and the secret paths without any nagging. She was in a collecting mood, so her hands and arms were soon full. She stopped every thirty feet or so to re-adjust everything. This worked well for my photo taking too – we’re an odd couple as we walk, rarely side-by-side, usually one in front and one lagging behind, distracted by something.





The holiday lights are being installed throughout the garden. It seems early, but I know that November is just around the corner. I’m not ready for fall to be over. It feels like it’s just starting to settle in. As she walks, F wishes for mittens. It’s not that cold, but we can sense it coming. She decides she’ll put a pair in her backpack, just in case. She shoves her hands in her pockets for a moment, but she can’t resist picking up sticks along the way. The sticks are resting in my trunk for a few days, until I’m certain she’s forgotten about them. Until next Wednesday, when she discovers something new along our walk.