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(three) January 2002. I love this photo of the southeast corner of our kitchen. We purchased that stainless steel shelving unit from some really large commercial sale – I don’t remember the details, but I found out about it at my previous firm because we bought rows and rows of it to outfit our materials library in the office. Those shelves are full of most of our wedding gifts – we still use most of them every day, except for the mandoline that we almost never use, and that indoor grill on the bottom shelf that we might not even own anymore. Is that a fondue kit there?! It’s a rite of passage, marriage and a fondue pot, I think. I love that the baseboards aren’t installed yet, although we had lived in the house for two years at this point. My very favorite thing is the set of blueprints (real blueprints) on the table – it’s hard to see them clearly in this photo, but they are the drawings for the third floor renovation. We thought that was our last big push on this house – a project of monumental proportions! We still sit at this small table, four of us now, squeezed around a semicircle, for dinner each night.


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  4. I love it too. It looks sooo organized. Lovely!
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