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(four) April 2008. The best room in the house in the late afternoon is the back bedroom on the third floor. It’s now F’s room, but before we knew she would join our family, it was a studio space. It was a fun room to complete – it allowed us to move our desks and computer out of corners of other rooms and tuck them away in this sunny spot. We bought a day bed for the box bay, and visiting family and friends had a bed instead of an inflatable mattress to sleep on. E would drag a quilt into this room and cover it with toys and games. I have hundreds of photos of the girls sitting in this light spill over the years. Completing this room with its eight windows planted the seed for the orientation and design of the new addition. This photo takes me back to my early childhood, to Sunday afternoons stretched out on the carpet in the living room, dozing off under the warming blanket of the sun. 


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  1. This sweet photo makes me want to take a nap!
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