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(ten) April 2013. This photo would be so much better in color*, but I’ve got this thing going, so it’s hard to break a system for me. It was my 38th birthday, and I started to catch onto the secretive kitchen vibe when I came downstairs and there was a blanket taped up over the door opening. We were on a Colorku kick in our family – I would sit with one girl or the other and work on a puzzle with them in the evening before bed or on a lazy weekend afternoon. We also had a ton of leftover gumballs from E’s gumball party, and they were just hanging out in the back of the cookie decorating cabinet taking up space. So they decided to make me a Colorku cake for my birthday (cleverly using the 38th game card as the template). When the cake was completed, the girls invited me downstairs to play a round of Colorku, and it honestly took me several seconds before I realized that the game board on the living room table was actually a cake. I also love the stack of paint cans in the corner of the room, and pile of other tools against the wall. This photo reminds me that we are a family of multi-taskers. I love that when we come up with an idea we run with them. Especially when the ideas are deliciously edible. 

*Here are the color shots if you want to see them…


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  1. The color pix and post are the best.

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