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(eleven) May 2008. The front wall of E’s room has changed so much over the past thirteen years. I love her room – every single detail. That knee wall / ledge in the front of her room is the top of the front masonry wall of the house. The mansard roof ties into that wall, and you can see how her front wall slopes inward. It was a great spot for an easel for several years, and when she was ten we designed and built a custom desk that attaches to that ledge. I’ve never gotten tired of those flowers I painted, which surprises me. Even as I painted them, I thought we’d probably change them to something else one day. This room just has good bones. It grows and adapts with her, but it’s always held a special place in my heart. It’s the center of our story, all of these stories. I remember on this day we worked together to stack up everything on top of her bed so I could vacuum – the table, the chairs, this rocking horse. When I was finished I put the horse down in the center of the carpet, and she played like this all afternoon. This was the face I got when she finally turned around and caught me watching her. 


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  1. Deep thinking – adds a new dismenion to it all.

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