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(fifteen) November 2009. I was looking for representative photos from all kinds of corners of the house, and I found that the bathrooms were a tad bit underrepresented. Then I found this shot, and it made me smile. F and I were going for a walk in the neighborhood, and it was chilly enough for a hat. She looked like a squishy little garden gnome, and so I took a series of pictures of the two of us in this big mirror. This is the half bath on the first floor. Originally we painted it the eggplant color that we first painted our dining room before hating it. We promptly painted over it in the dining room, but had a hard time throwing away the leftover paint. It was much more tolerable in small spaces. Eventually we painted this bathroom again, and I think it will get a third makeover in the addition project. I love this mirror that houses a generous amount of hidden storage behind its clean lines. This picture reminds me of the four-day weeks that I worked for the first several years of each girl’s lives. I wanted to continue in my profession even after I had children, but I also knew how precious those early years are with little ones. Those slow Fridays were a treasure. They were just about the two of us – first E, then F – and we filled them with adventures. We were always outdoors, around the city, exploring everything. There was always a coffee shop visit, there was always a park to walk through. There are Friday morning smiles in this picture.


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