how it all goes together

I’m pretty sure the framing plans are not that exciting to look at, but I’m sort of partial to them. When I look at them I see something real – not just a sketch or an idea, but a real plan for how this thing is going to come together. Framing

A few things of interest, if you are into this sort of thing – you’ll see in the foundation plan that we have a pretty complicated one for such a simple little room addition. All of our footings are offset, which is atypical. Typically you’d pour a wide, shallow footing below the frost line where each of your foundation walls are going in. The walls would be centered on those footings – so if you had a 12″ concrete foundation wall, it might sit on a 24″ wide / 12″ deep footing – so 6″ of that footing would be on either side of the wall. In our case, our new foundation walls are just 2″ off our property line – just enough to get the waterproofing and some perimeter drainage installed. That means our footings are offset – they extend out to one side only – towards the interior – and they must be wider and have specific reinforcing to accommodate for being off center. We have a three sided addition and a four sided garage on this project, and we have (at least) twelve unique wall sections, which is slightly ridiculous.

The middle plan shows the framing for the first floor of the addition and the infill at the old side porch. We have a stair opening there, and a pretty sizable header at the rear wall with the folding glass wall.

The plan on the right shows the roof framing – you can see the skylight openings there – as well as the second floor balcony floor framing. Along with the steel at the new masonry opening at the kitchen, we’ve got quite a few large wood framing members. And because of the limited site access, we’ll have to pour the foundations and set the framing for the addition and the garage in two separate phases.

Sometimes when I write this out it makes me feel like we’re a little crazy. Maybe you’ve known that all along – but I’m a little slower on the uptake!

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