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lights, part two

Hopefully these posts don’t seem too drawn out or redundant. It’s nice to have time to write them again, and it’s also nice to finally be able to show you what’s kept us so busy for so long.

I was talking about lights in the last post, so here’s the rest of those thoughts.


Moving into the Stair – that link between the old and the new – we have another sconce above the ref/freezer/dishware cabinets on the west wall of the link that will match the ones in the Kitchen. I also want to find a cool pendant to hang in the landing of the stair – it will be centered on the floor to ceiling glass to the left of the entry door. I’ve been eyeing the Flos IC Light S – it would be a great compliment to the wall sconces in the Kitchen and across the link from the front door.

IC_LIGHT_S_HomeResize_01__55496.1480512079.1280.1280 IC_LIGHT_S_HomeResize_02__19396.1480512080.1280.1280

Super elegant, and simple. But maybe something else will strike our fancy – I think it’s a great opportunity for an elegant fixture. Right now I’m also showing a ceiling pendant in the adjacent Mudroom, but that will really depend upon how that room is finally laid out and where we’ll put the ceiling – if we have one. A fourteen foot ceiling in that room would be sort of elevator-shafty, but… it might also give us the opportunity to hang an additional pull down hanging rod for extra coat storage – we could hang out of season coats above the in season ones, and swap them out when we need to. If we opt for a higher ceiling in there, I think another wall mounted fixture might be the way to go in there.

We’re also going to mount some functional lights in the skylight area that will uplight that raised area at night when the sun is gone, and we’ll also install a linear fixture along the east edge of the skylight that will illuminate both the top and bottom runs of the stair.

We haven’t found the exact fixture, but we’re also hoping to install a linear LED fixture in the outer edge of the canopy over the entrance to shine some diffuse light down on the entrance. We’ll connect this to a motion sensor so the light will turn on when anyone approaches the entry door.

In the Dining Room I laid out a simple grid of nine fixtures – three by three. Six of those nine spots will be recessed downlights, In two of the spots I’d like to install a simple flush mounted wall washer to illuminate that big expanse of blank wall between the east window in this room and the stair. That’s a spot I’d like to reserve for a large art piece – TBD. The center spot in that grid would be the place for a pendant (or group of pendants) to hang over the dining room table. There are so many fixtures that I love – but I think I’d like to see the room complete before settling on one of them.

The Moooi Random light used to be a favorite of mine, and I still love it.

Pendant-lights-bring-focussed-lighting-to-the-dining-area random-pendant-light-398

Unfortunately my favorites go up in price from there, so I’m just going to keep an open mind, and I’ve got a few people keeping an eye on special deals / floor model opportunities for me. So we might be back to bare-bulbing it for awhile. Fine by me. I’m patient. We’ve done it before.


Photo from January 2000, the state of the plaster and light fixtures in our house when we first purchased it.