Daily Archives: March 10, 2017

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 2

We’re back here again. A little later than I thought we might be, but we had a run of cold or windy Wednesdays, even in the middle of an unseasonably warm February. It’s hard to get up an hour earlier when it’s 40 and drizzling outside. But this Wednesday was perfect.

Garden 3

Garden 6

Garden 13

Garden 14

Everything is budding, green things shooting up through the earth, several weeks earlier than in years past. The temperature outside is dropping about forty degrees; there is snow in the forecast for Saturday. I hope it’s milder than the predictions, and all the early blooms survive.

Garden 4

Garden 19

Garden 15

I took that shot of forsythia above from a distance. When I was looking through the photos, I noticed that the cardinal we had been watching earlier is perched on a branch in the trees. Can you find it? It’s such a bright thing. We saw several on our walk.

Garden 16

Garden 17

There’s a new path and viewing area in the Japanese Garden. F was very excited to spot it – we nearly missed it.

Garden 21

The view from this peninsula is lovely. I couldn’t believe how fragrant the garden was.

Garden 8

Garden 1

Garden 7

Garden 12

So much color already, it fills me up for these busy days ahead. The wind was brisk, but the sun was warm on our faces. We were there just as they opened, and walked for over an hour, passing four or five people at the most. It felt like it was all ours.

Garden 10

Garden 11

Garden 18

Garden 5

She wanted to see the sheep, and she struck a “Hamilton Pose” on each one. The photos look like she’s raising her hand to ask a question. Or give an answer. Probably the latter.

Garden 9

The rest of my Wednesday wasn’t so great. By the end of the day I felt the opposite of relaxed and energized. It’s nice to see these photos again – to remember these moments and to look forward to the next ones. Watching a garden come to life again is a magical thing when you find the time to notice it.

Garden 20