tuesday evening cake

The pace of things has picked up around here. It’s not unexpected. April and May tend to always be busy with extra things, but I’m also very busy at work. The calendar feels full, but the pace is manageable so far. I’m looking forward to the weekend already (it’s Tuesday night) – I’ll be another year older, but hopefully wiser, and ready to take on everything ahead.

My (good) camera broke on vacation, so I’ve been slow to collect the photos from M’s phone and from my own to post here. I have several more books to write about, and a cookbook to share. There are kitchen details to be mulled over and decided upon, so many decisions, always. Taxes occupied the computer this past weekend, so maybe this next weekend will offer up some time to write.

For now I’ll take the few minutes I have here, at ten after eleven, while I’m waiting for the cake to cool. The house is quiet and my legs are sore. I pushed them pretty hard this afternoon – it felt so good to run again in the sun. My heart was pumping, it’s just waking up again. There are so many things that I want to do – how do I find the time? My book stack grows, and I slide the cake in between bath time and the ironing. A few lines here while the house fills with butter and apricot and the rain hits the windows and then I tiptoe around shutting off the last of the lights.

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