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I didn’t mean to let the silence linger here – I was on a roll, but one of the first things to go when I get busy is that tiny little sliver of early morning time to write. Sometimes I just need to hit the snooze button. In my absence I turned forty-two, in what turned out to be a really lovely, low-key kind of way. The sun came out and the temperatures rose. My garden membership was renewed, the most beautiful flowers arrived at my desk, new books arrived in my lap, and family also donated to We Stories in honor of my day. I met up with M and the girls on Friday afternoon to meet Chelsea Clinton (a real birthday highlight), and then we ate late night tacos across the street to continue the celebration.

I was still riding pretty high on the birthday vibes that weekend, and then we suffered a pretty significant setback on the house project. One week out, and it feels manageable, doable, a bit more hopeful. But in the moment it felt like a suckerpunch. Insurmountable and gut-wrenching.

That pendulum swing can be difficult to navigate – it always is for me. I’m pretty good at giving a challenge all I’ve got, but it’s far more difficult for me to revisit a challenge that I thought was behind me. I move on, I’ve moved on. I’m not always willing (or optimistic) about stepping back a few steps.

I went for a long run on that following Sunday night, and I really turned my thoughts (and myself) over to the idea of revisiting. Linear progressions are much more predictable, which makes emotions (and reactions) easier to modulate. Even a birthday weekend is a linear thing – another year completed, a new one begun. But if I’m honest with myself, and I look at the things in my life that are the most meaningful and long lasting, I have to acknowledge that none of those things turned out exactly as planned or along a predescribed timeline. As M pointed out to me – we have the tools in our toolbelt to handle this – this is what we do. And he’s right. This is what we do.

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  1. Well, happy birthday! I can’t even imagine what a treat it must have been to meet Chelsea Clinton! Wonderful! Hope 42 treats you well!

  2. You lead a full and abundant life…the taco part is really excellent, of course, as is CC. And the books, the flowers and happy to feet to run on. Sorry about the house thing. To quote my brother’s friend, “if money can solve the problem, there is no problem.” This has been a perspective alterer for me. Happy belated birthday.

  3. and I do hope the house project problem is just that. (will there be before and after pix?)

  4. Happy birthday! I celebrated 47 in France last week, sometime a switch from low-key is good! I love the idea of, “we have the tools in our toolbox to handle this.” I was reminded on our trip how well my husband and I work together through challenges – I forget that in the day to day.

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