Daily Archives: May 13, 2017

saturday morning in the garden

Garden 17

I’ve just decided to fill this blog with flowers. To be honest, they are responsible for keeping me sane and happy right now. When I was walking around this morning I named at least two dozen different ways that I am lucky – defining lucky as the things that aligned in order for me to be in this place at this morning. From the big ideas – admission to a top graduate program here twenty years ago, to the smallest ones – not accidentally sleeping through my alarm despite being overly sleep deprived this week.

Garden 8

Garden 7

Garden 6

Garden 5

Garden 4

Garden 3

I feel lucky when I catch a bee in action as I look through the camera lens.

Garden 2

Garden 1

Garden 9

I feel lucky when the sun comes streaming through the trees at just the right moment.

Garden 18

Garden 20

Garden 10

I feel lucky when I discover something new that I’ve never found there before.

Garden 12

Garden 21

Garden 22

Garden 13

Lucky to have this camera, a good pair of walking shoes, a ten year old hat that hides my bed head, a warm cup of coffee in my hand, a partner at home to stay with the girls and start the laundry and work in the yard while I wander.

Garden 14

Garden 23

Garden 24

Garden 15

Lucky to have a mom with a fierce love of gardens, and lucky that she’s celebrating another birthday, even if it’s four states away.

Garden 16

Garden 25

Garden 26

Lucky to catch these fleeting moments with nature’s firecrackers, exquisite in their color and symmetry and design.