Daily Archives: May 28, 2017

saturday morning in the garden

Garden 20

Garden 21

I’m posting these two photos first because they baffle me, and crack me up. The photos were taken about four feet apart. Why in the world are these flowers’ petals down and those flowers’ petals out? Nature is crazy, and flowers never cease to amaze me.

Garden 22

Garden 23

Garden 24

It was just me yesterday morning. F and I collapsed in my bed while reading books Friday night and left half the lights blazing. I sort of woke up when E and M arrived home around 11 pm after a full day at Six Flags. The next thing I remember was the warning message from the smoke detectors speaking loudly around 4 am. My own alarm went off at six, and when I woke up I honestly had no idea where anyone was sleeping. The whole night was a giant blur.

Garden 25

Garden 26

I thought about rolling over and skipping the walk, but I knew I’d regret it. I brushed my teeth, threw on a baseball cap and headed out the door.

Garden 27

Garden 28

Garden 29

Worth it.

Garden 30

Garden 31

Garden 32

I photographed a lot of animals, but only two really worked. It was so quiet this morning that the animals were out everywhere. Another thing I love about the early hours.

Garden 33

Garden 34

I’m sort of giddy when the Japanese iris bloom around the zigzag bridge. It took a few minutes to get a clear shot without any other photographers, but it was worth the wait. It’s always a stunning sight.

Garden 35

Garden 36

The shift from spring flowers to summer plantings is almost done. The sun is higher and hotter, steamy this morning, even before eight. Summer is here, it’s finally here. What a way to celebrate.

Garden 37