Daily Archives: June 1, 2017

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 16

I hope I don’t jinx things, but the weather is on a roll around here, especially on Wednesday mornings. The girls are out of town this week with grandparents, and so I ventured over to the garden on my own before work.

Garden 2

Garden 11

Garden 12

Garden 14

When I talked to F the night before, she told me where to visit while I was there. I took her prescribed path, and spent just over an hour there.

Garden 6

Garden 4

Garden 5

Garden 3

Garden 8

Things are changing so quickly. The lilies are coming on strong, and the colors are amazing. Every time I go I find something new that wasn’t there a few days earlier.

Garden 7

Garden 15

Garden 10

Garden 18

Garden 19

I missed my walking companion though. It’s nice to have some quiet time on my own, but I really love those mornings with her. When the girls return we’ll be on camp schedules, so I get to take both of them with me this summer.

Garden 20

Garden 22

Garden 21

Garden 17

Garden 9

Garden 13

Looking forward to it already.

Garden 1