Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

forest park forever

FP 1

I mentioned recently that we bought a new camera. It’s actually a gently used camera – definitely a nicer model than we would have committed to if we were shopping new. We lucked out when we visited the camera store to try out a few – it had just been dropped off, and so we bought it and here we are.

FP 2

FP 3

Our last camera gave up the fight on the first day of our spring break vacation. As a result, most of the photos from that trip are on our phones. It’s been almost three months now, and I still haven’t managed to collect them and post them here. I like the convenience of a camera phone, but I rarely do anything with those photos. It’s good to have a “real” camera again.

FP 4

FP 5

I spend a lot of time in Forest Park. 99% of my runs are in this place. I never get bored of exploring it. I find something new every visit. I’ve been working a lot during the evenings and on weekends lately, and a few Saturdays ago I brought E with me to the office. She sat in a chair next to me and read and drew, and it was just nice feeling like I wasn’t so isolated from the family.

FP 6

We met up with the other two that evening for a walk in the park. M played with the new camera, and we wandered around the grand basin and back to the playground near the visitor’s center. We put the camera in the car while we played, and wouldn’t you know it – the sun dropped below that thick blanket of clouds and we saw the most amazing sunset. The skyline looked like it was on fire.

FP 7

FP 8

FP 9

We all ran to the car to get the camera so we could capture it, but there’s this funny thing about sunsets. They don’t last long. We got into our two vehicles and headed out to dinner. Minutes later, just after the last pink rays were extinguished, the skies opened and the rain came pouring down.

FP 10

FP 11

We wondered about all those people in the park – caught off guard by the storm just seconds after the sunset show. I’m sure they were drenched.

FP 12

FP 13

We were soaked too, just running from the car to the restaurant. We huddled close together in the booth and ordered pizza and slowly dried off and warmed up.

FP 14

FP 16

It felt like the perfect kind of spring evening, and one of my favorite Saturdays in recent months. There are so many places here that make me feel like I’m escaping to a different world for awhile, a mini vacation in the middle of regular life. This place is top of that list.

FP 17