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(story)time: summer reading

Sunday 1

Here’s what I’m currently finishing up – sometimes it’s nice to deep dive into crime fiction, particularly with such a well developed collection of intelligence castaways. I can’t claim that it was a total diversion from reality – terrorist plots, intelligence agencies, London – but I’m a big fan of Mick Herron’s work.


I’m about to emerge from the fog of a too-busy spring and early summer at work. I’m ready to beef up my book bag, so I thought I’d share with you what I have on my library list. But I’m also open to suggestions from you all. So spill it. What else should I include?


American Eclipse – a timely read with the solar eclipse coming this August 21st – and we’re RIGHT IN LINE to see it. We need to stop by the Science Center soon to pick up our free viewing glasses.


From the NPR piece I listened too: In his new book, The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South, Edge attempts to pay down what he calls “a debt of pleasure to those farmers and cooks who came before me, many of whom have been lost to history.”

Sold. I can’t wait.


The Wonder was recommended to be by several people, and I just noticed it’s been on my virtual library shelf, but not requested, for awhile now. Looking forward to finally reading this one.

BetweenThem hc c

I’ve always enjoyed Richard Ford’s writing, but his interview on Fresh Air about this book really spoke to me. I can’t remember who recommended The Awkward Age, but I noticed it was on my virtual shelf so I’ve requested it.



I’ve always been an Alan Alda fan, and as a child of the seventies, I mostly see him in his role on M*A*S*H. But I found myself really engaged in an interview he gave on this book, and could always use help in the area of communicating and relating to others.


Orphan Train is another book that’s been hanging out in my queue. I’ve requested the children’s book of the same title as well.


You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me was another NPR summer book recommendation, and I had Dept. of Speculation before, but couldn’t finish it before it was due back. I’m ready to revisit it again this summer.


E read and loved The Hate U Give, and so now it’s my turn to read it.f043712f-4655-4c8a-b60f-fca1e4c6ca9f

And everyone has loved Homegoing, and I’m glad to have some more time to pick it up.


That’s the current list – what are you up to this summer?