Daily Archives: June 22, 2017

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 24

It’s hot this week, and we’re starting to feel it in the early mornings too. I considered skipping this week’s visit after the late night at the Muny the night before, but it’s hard to break a habit once it’s formed. The girls were drowsy, but in good spirits. I promised we’d walk straight to the jumping fountains, and this morning they were all in. It was that warm.

Garden 5

Garden 6

Garden 15

Garden 16

The oranges and yellows and pinks are in full force, but in the shade there are magical things happening. We shadow hopped our way through the place and tried to stay cool.

Garden 19

Garden 4

Garden 3

Garden 9

Garden 26

Garden 23

I’m seeing so many of the flowers that we’ll see in a few weeks when we’re on vacation. It makes me think of the things that I need to do before said vacation, but I try to force those thoughts to the rear for the rest of the walk.

Garden 22

Garden 14

Garden 7

Garden 17

Garden 21

Garden 13

Garden 20

Garden 1

Instead I look for the weirdly beautiful things, buds unfurling, seed pods twirling, leaves that seemed to have been painted by garden fairies in the night. A cardinal plays in the fountains with the girls, hopping one pad in front of them each time. I finally catch him in the frame.

Garden 2

Garden 12

Garden 11

Garden 8

Garden 25

Garden 18

I’m glad we started this longest day of the year here. The garden at its peak is not to be missed.

Garden 10